Stop. WW has been around since the early 1940s and has worn warrior-style leather skirts on and off since then. Xena is from the 90s. The new costume is not a Xena rip-off. They don’t even look that similar. If anything, Xena looks like Diana, not the other way around. The stupid shit people come up with to undermine DC…yeesh.

Guys, when I made this post I seriously 100% did not expect it to get more than about 20 notes. My argument is not as convincing in this as I would have wanted it to be if this was something I intended a lot of people to see. But now it’s gotten to the hundreds very quickly, so I just want to make it clear that I never intended to be negative towards Xena. I was just expressing a string of emotions and opinions in the moment.

First off, I truly believe that WW photo is just highly filtered and those are not the real colors of the costume. I also believe that if the colors were not at least a little bit darker than the comic book versions, then it would look a bit ridiculous in a live-action feature film. Just like how Superman’s costume is certainly darker in MOS.

Next, WW’s costume is based off of GREEK WARRIOR ATTIRE. WW is an Amazon. Amazonians are Greek. XENA IS ALSO GREEK. Both of these women’s costumes are based off of Greek warrior attire, so it’s OBVIOUS that they’ll look similar. Saying WW’s new costume is a rip-off of Xena is like saying that it’s a rip off of this guy down here:


Which, truth be told, it is. It’s meant to be. If you look at that warrior’s skirt, both Diana’s and Xena’s look almost identical.

Regarding the fact that her costume doesn’t have stars. Come on, guys. Really? You’re complaining that her costume lacks a couple stars? Why not revel in its awesomeness, instead? Why not, instead of complaining about her after years of begging for her to appear in a feature film, be appreciative that her costume is NOT slutty or sexualized? Be appreciative that she’s finally going to be in a movie? Be appreciative that her costume is HISTORICALLY ACCURATE?

That’s all I have for now. If (when?) more complaints/arguments arise, I will most definitely address them if I care to.

it looks good tbh